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Moreishi Super Lacto Power is a food supplement that contains 7 live species of digestive system-friendly bacteria that may help with better digestion and thus a stronger immune system.

The beneficial bacteria present in the intestinal extract tend to be eliminated with more than usual alcohol intake, the use of synthetic antibiotics, and hyperacidity due to stress or food intake.

Replenishment is required for better digestion. Super Lacto Power with its 7 live species of Lactobacillus is the answer in helping promote better digestion, regular bowel movement and a stronger immune system.

Product Code: LP-001


Seven species of Lactobacillus friendly bacteria:

Plantarum: prevents entry of pathogenic organixms that causes illnesses
Fermentum: help treat urogenital infections in women
Cassei: enhances fat loss and protects health of the colon
Acidophilus: helps maintain the pH level of the digestive tract
Brevis: prevets inflammations in the jdigestive system
Biffidus: helps increase bone mass while improving digestion
Bulgaricus: helps in the growth of other friendly bacteria


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