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An exclusive herbal food supllement, specifically formulated to help prevent prostate cancer.

The wonderful blend of selected herbs: Sunflower seeds, Soya Beans, Pumpkin Seeds. Avocado leaves, Garlic, and Oyster Mushroom.

These appropriate herbs work together to keep the health of the prostate glands and protect it from carcinogenic matters. Cancer of the prostate glands remain to be the most overlooked cancer due to it asymtomatic character.

All the herbs components has the consituent Flavonoids that contribute in the prevention of prospate cancer, Also the Selenium constituent helps stimulate the body to repair damaged DNA cells.

Product Code: FS-024
Contains 30capsules at 500mg each.


Pumpkin Seeds: increases urine flow and helps prevent prostate cancer.
Garlic: an antioxidant that has 1% the potency of penicilin.
Oyster Mushroom: contains fiber for proper waste elimination
Sunflower Seeds: excellent source of Vitamin E that reduces risk of prostate cancer.
Soya Beans: has Pyridoxine that lowers risk of prostate cancer.
Avocado leaves: has strong anti-oxidant and anti-tumor properties.


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