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Moreishi Natox Capsule is a combination of Malunggay, Horsetail, Garlic, Turmeric, and Carrot helps prevent many diseases by performing a body cleanse – a herbal detoxification.

Another extensively studied properties of primary antioxidant and anti-toxic herbs: Malunggay, Garlic, Horsetail Radish, Turmeric and Carrots.

The synergistic fusion of these properties protect the body from the degenerative and harmful effects of toxins that enter the human body through aerial inhalation and food/liquid intake.

These likewise help the body’s immune system to flush out toxins. Horsetail Radish has Glucosinlates that detoxify carcinogens.

Garlic and Turmeric have strong antioxidant values to help expel toxins. The high fiber content of carrots further help in the excretion of toxins in the colon.

Product Code: FS-023 – 500mg 30 capsules


Malunggay: Rich in Vit A/C/E – functions together against free radicals
Horsetail Radish: Rich in Tannic Acid – helps kep the body free from natural poisons
Garlic: Rich in Diallyl sulphie – aids the body in toxin elimination
Turmeric: Rich in Curcumin – assists in fighting reee radical damage
Carrots: Rich in Vitamin A – assists the liver in flushing out toxins


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