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The first orange juice drink with herbs and natural beehive extracts. Moreishi Power Drink is ideal for busy and active people. Every glass of will give you the power-packed combination of Ginger, Reishi, and Tienchi Ginseng along with beehive extracts Royal Jelly and Bee Propolis.

A delicious orange drink enhanced with 3 powerful herbs: Ginseng, Ginger and Reishi plus 2 known nutritious and health-giving beehive extracts: Royal Jelly and Propolis.

The drink may also help strengthen the immune system and delay the process of aging. The collagen stimulation by the Royal Jelly helps improve skin clarity.

Product Code: MJ-008


Ginseng: Rich in Ginsenosides – boost stamina and energy
Reishi: Rich in Phtochemicals – helps prevent free tadical damage
Ginger: Rich in Sesquiterpene – provides good calming effect to body cells
Royal Jelly: Rich in 22 Amino Acids – essential for energy/ vitality of the body
Propolis: Rich in Albumin – enhances the production of healthy hormones


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