Moreishi Ortex Syrup


Also available in Capsule form.

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A proprietary blend formulated that helps provide soothing relief and ease dry cough or an irritating sore throat.

The synergy of dynamic duo of Lagundi and Oregano contain the potent Carvacrol and Thymol which serve as natural, powerful antibiotics, as well as Chrysoplenol-D which is an natural expectorant and antihistamine.

The smooth muscle relaxing effect of this product makes it very effective to help alleviate discomfort caused by cold and cough without depositing toxins in the body – without any drowsy or addictive side effect. It effectively helps keep the respiratory system resistant to various infections.

Product Codes: LS-001 (60ml), LS-002 (120ml)


Oregano: Rich in Carvacrol/thymol – natural antibiotic and expectorant
Lagundi: Rich in Chrysoplenol D- a smooth natural expectorant


60ml, 120ml


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