Moreishi Brominga Blend 15s


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Refreshing pineapple drink that contains an herbal formulation designed to give a power dose of Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex to help fight viral infections.

Moreishi Brominga Blend pineapple juice drink – delicious and affordable, but powerful in its synergistic combination of premium herbs: Pineapple, Bignay, Malunggay, Reishi, Saluyot, Turmenic, Camote Tops, and Reishi.

The herbal formula in this drink can help provide the much needed supply of Vitamin C and the enzyme Quercetin that efficiently works together to actively strengthen the immune system of the body.

The B-Complex Vitamins with Copper and Zinc combine for a powerful defense against bacteria and many forms of inflammation.

Product Code: MJ-011


Pineapple: Rich in Vitamin C – helps strengthen the immune system
Bignay: Rich in Catechins – helps suppress growth of bacteria and viruses
Reishi: Rich in Beta D Glucan – helps fight HIV
Malunggay: Rich in Omega 3,6,9 – protects the body from inflammations
Turmeric: Rich in Camphene – helps prevent bacteria action and bodily pains
Saluyot: Rich in Selenium – protects the body from microbial effects
Camote Tops: Rich in Zinc – helps enhance the immune system of the body


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