Golden Herbs Juice Drink 250ml


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A refreshing juice beverage made with 20 herbs and extracts – assuring optimal nutrition for long-term good health.


Indian Mulberry: Rich in Damnacanthal – very potent in the prevention of cancer
Ginseng: Rich in Ginsenosides – boost stamina and energy
Reishi: Rich in Germanium – immune system booster
Gotu Kola: Rich in Triterpenes – act as a brain tonic
Ginger: Rich in Zingeberene Oil – kills Tuberculosis germs
Turmeric: Rich in Curcumin – helps prevent cataract formation
Kelp: Rich in Iodine – Helps prevent Goiters
Banaba: Rich in Corosolic Acid – has strong insulin like properties
Lagundi: Rich in Chrsoplenol D – a mooht muscle relaxant/expectoratn
Rosemary: Rich in Rosmarinic Acid – suppresses the development of tumors
Mangosteen: Rich in Xanthones – helps prevent of cancer and inflammations
Ampalaya: Rich in Momordicin – stimulates insulin production in the pancreas
Sambong: Rich in Flavonoids – helps regulate urine flow
Pandan: Rich in Pandamarine – has aromatic properties for calming effect
Bignay: Rich in CoEnzyme Q10 – helps maintain the health of the heart
Chaang Gubat: Rich in Baurenol – assists in the digestive process
Green Tea: Rich in Catechins – destroys bacteria and viruses
Garlic: Rich in Ajoene – prevents bloot clots in the blood vessels
Royal Jelly: Rich in Nucleic Acids – helps regulate all body processes
Honey: Rich in Vitamin E – helps delay the aging process

Product Code: GHP-017


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