Herbalin Tea – 25 Bags


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Herbalin Tea is a natural herbal beverage made from Ampalaya. It is both sugar-free and caffeine-free.

An Ampalaya-based beverage in tea form. This amazing food supplement truly effective and very potent in helping to regulate the blood sugar level of the body without the ingestion/injection of any artificial alternative.

The compound Momordicin in Ampalaya is the cause for its bitter taste but is the property that helps stimulate the pancreas to make insulin that allows for the metabolism of glucose to become energy, thus preventing the onset of diabetes and kidney problems or arresting its consequences.

Ampalaya is also considered to be an effective antioxidant in countering the bad effects of nicotine.

Product Code: FS-003

BFAD Registration No.: FR-88563


Ampalaya: Rich in Momordicin – stimulates insulin production in the pancreas


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