Moreishi Herbal Coffee Drink


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A unique coffee blend with Ampalaya and Banaba, which are known to be effective in regulating blood sugar levels. Also Contains Reishi, Ginseng, Banaba, Kelp, Ginger, and Turmeric. Suitable for diabetics.

A distinct coffee blend with Ampalaya and Banaba, herbs already acknowledged as aids to regulate blood sugar levels.

Also contains other accordant herbs: Reishi, Kelp, Ginseng, Turmenic and Ginger which may help ease the other discomforts and complications associated with diabetes like blurred vision, high blood pressure, a weak immune system, kidney problems and skin irritations.

Some of the herbs are also known for their ability to help regulate metabolic rates.

Product Code: MC-019

BFAD Registration No.: FR-40258


Ampalaya: Rich in Momordicin – stimulates insulin production in the pancreas
Banaba: Rich in Corosolic Acid – with insulin-like properties
Ginseng: Rich in Panaxans – help regulate blood sugar level
Reishi: Richin Ganoderma B/C – helps reduce blood glucose
Turmeric: Rich in Curcumin – helps maintain the health of the pancreas
Kelp: Rich in Inositol – helps prevent diabetic nerve disorders
Ginger: Rich in Gingerol – assists in the management of high blood sugar


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