Golden Herbs Coffee Drink Mix with Ashitaba and Malungay


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Golden Herbs Coffee Supreme with two powerful herbs – Malunggay and Ashitaba in synergy. Ashitaba helps remove toxins through the excretory glands, Malunggay helps replenish the lost nutrients that are needed by the body.

A potent herbal coffee formulation with Malunggay, eminent among nature’s wonders that have been recognized even by pharmaceutical companies, and Ashitaba. Malunggay has been shown to have 4 times more Calcium than a glass of milk, more Potassium than 3 bananas; more Vitamin C than 7 oranges; and thrice the Vitamin E of carrots.

Ashitaba, a powerful detoxifier, is also being studied for its use in the fight against cancer. Ashitaba contains Chalcones which is a very rare flavonoid that has been proven to ably support the production of nerve cells and metabolic regulation


Malunggay: Rich in Selenium – helps protect cells from oxidative damage.
Ashitaba: Rich in Chalcone – helps regulate body metabolism

Product Code: GHP-013


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