Moreishi 10 in 1 Herbal Coffee


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Relax and enjoy a healthy cup of coffee blended with premium herbs. Moreishi 10in1 Herbal coffee with Natural Plan Sugar is now healthier for everyone including diabetics.

It is made with the rich flavor of coffee, and synergistically combined with 7 premium herbs: Reishi, Kelp, Gotu Kola, Ginger, Turmeric, Sambong, and Ginseng. This is a special formulation that is designed to help you attain and maintain the peak of your health.

The herbs contained in this herbal coffee are known for their ability to help calm asthma attacks, motion sickness, and boost your energy level.

Be healthy with Moreishi and start your day right.

Product Code: MC-018

BFAD Registration No.: FR-40700


Ginseng: Rich in Ginsenosides – boost stamina and energy
Reishi: Rich in Germanium – immune system booster
Gotu Kola: Rich in Triterpenes – act as a brain tonic
Ginger: Rich in Zingeberene Oil – kills Tuberculosis germs
Turmeric: Rich in Curcumin – helps prevent cataract formation
Kelp: Rich in Iodine – Helps prevent Goiters
Sambong: Rich in Flavonoids – helps regulate urine flow


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