Moreishi Choco: My Formula for Skin Asthma

May granddaughter, Chelsea Aligaen Espino was born with skin asthma. She was a bouncing and healthy baby girl blessed with a fair skin. But when she was two months old, reddish tiny rashes appeared on her forehead and seemed permanent. It was diagnosed as skin asthma which was caused by her milk formula.

Pastor Israel Bais introduced the Moreishi Chocolate Drink. We tried it for Chelsea’s daily consumption. Since there was no sign of dislike from the baby, she was given a sachet of the Moreishi chocolate for feeding. This was continued for four months.

On the fourth month, we thought of giving back to Chelsea her usual milk formula. When we did, to our surprise, where were no more reddish tiny rashes. Now, Chelsea is a happy 5 year old girl and can anything with milk.

Thanks to Moreishi Chocolate Drink!

Norma Aligen
Grandmother, Sagay Negros Occidental

Norma Aligen Grandmother, Sagay Negros Occidental

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