How to Be an Empower Member

Option A: Low End Entry Kits

This is a good start for those have a very limited budget but want to join immediately to avail of the great discounts. Entry kits are:

1. 250 Starter Kit – Buy this entry kit for only Php250.00 and instantly become an Empower member.
2. 788 Starter Kit – Become a Gold member for only Php788.00 and enjoy 10% personal rebates. Yes, you get a cashback for every product you purchase.

Membership Privileges

You are now automatically entitled of the following:

  • Life Time discount for all products (25% & 50%) – when you buy 250 Starter Kits
  • Personal Rebates (10% up to 45%) – when you buy 788 Starter Kits
  • Avail of our monthly promos
  • FREE medical checkup every month
  • FREE trainings and seminars
  • Make extra income with our referral program – you can participate with our referral program and earn recurring income from your referred member’s purchases.

Option B: High End Entry Kits

If you want to take the challenge and achieve your dream of financial freedom earning residual income month after month, then take one more step higher.

1. 1988 Starter Kit – Buy this entry kit for only Php1,988.00 and instantly become a Gold member with 10% rebates and 2,000 points for upgrading purposes.
2. 3988 Starter Kit – For only Php3,988.00, you are an instant Platinum member and enjoy 16% personal rebates with 4,000 points.

Perks and Privileges

In addition to all the membership benefits listed under Option A, you are further entitled of the following benefits:

  • Earn referral bonus of Php 100 and Php 200 per new person you refer.
  • Earn Infinity Bonus of up 200 per person.
  • Earn Team Sales Bonus from Php500.00 up to Php1,000.00 per pair.
  • Earn Group Override Rebates from 10% – 45%.
  • Earn Leader’s Performance Rebate of up to 18%.
  • Car Incentive Program

Starter Kits Table

For quick comparison of all four kits, please refer to the table below.

How to Join

Please visit the nearest Empower Marketing center in your place or contact the person who showed you this website.

For international non-members who are interested to order products, please contact us.